Our Focus is On You

Allergy and Asthma Physicians of Commerce Township is committed to being the regional leader for quality allergy, asthma and immunology care.  Our goal is to provide services in the most efficient, caring and cost-effective manner.  We strive for recognition: from our patients for outstanding care; from our referring physicians for professionalism, responsiveness and reliability; and from insurance and managed care companies for being efficient, cost-effective providers with high patient satisfaction.

We provide our patients, employees and physicians comfortable, attractive facilities with current technology and equipment so that we may accomplish our goals in a competitive contemporary environment.  We maintain high ethical and educational standards in order to command respect from our patients and our peers.  We practice high quality medicine in a manner that allows financial stability.  In turn, our security will guarantee our availability to our patients for years to come and will help us continue to improve the quality of our care and our facilities.

We are trained to determine the cause of allergies, whether they are related to or caused by foods, environmental factors (such as pollens, dust mite, animal dander and mold), drugs, venoms, or topical substances.  Conditions that we commonly treat include the following:
Chronic cough
Hay fever
Allergic conjunctivitis (eye allergy)
Urticaria (hives)
Angioedema (allergic swelling)
Insect allergy
Food allergy
Drug allergy
Immune system deficiency